Main page News The 2013 Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Russia: the Siberian Federal University has won the National Championship, with the National Research Institute – Higher School of Economics coming in second

The 2013 Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Russia: the Siberian Federal University has won the National Championship, with the National Research Institute – Higher School of Economics coming in second

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On 3 February 2013 the XII Russian National Championship of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Jessup Competition, the world’s largest and most prestigious English-language competition for law students, ended in Moscow.

52 Russian universities participated in the competition, with 39 universities making it for to Oral Rounds in Moscow, and over 120 international lawyers took part as judges, both those from Russia and those, who came to Moscow for the purpose from Brazil, China, France, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, USA, and other countries.

This year, the judges in the Final Round were professor William Burke-White of the University of Pennsylvania, professor Guy S. Goodwin-Gill of Oxford University, and judge Erik Møse, of the European Court of Human Rights.

After a lengthy discussion in the deliberations room, the judges awarded the victory to the Siberian Federal University team, which had broken forth after lagging behind the leaders of the preliminary rounds. The Higher School of Economics took the second place. The Competition leaders also included the teams of the Moscow State University, the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University), the Russian Academy of Justice, and the Ural State Law Academy. These teams will represent Russia in the International Rounds of the Jessup Competition, which will take place in the USA in early April of 2013.

Just as a reminder, it was the Moscow State University team that won the sensational victory last year in the International rounds of the Jessup Competition over the Columbia University team (USA) and brought to Russia the Jessup Cup – the historical symbol of the Competition, which passes annually from winner to winner.

The six best teams of the just-ended Russian National Championship are noteworthy because the first and the sixths place went to the teams that are comparatively new to the competition and are not the traditional leaders. The teams of the Siberian Federal University and the Ural State Law Academy prove that there are no invincible teams or permanent leaders at the Jessup Competition.

The Final Round of the Competition was preceded by speeches by the Competition guests of honor: the managing partner of the Moscow office of White & Case Hermann Schmitt, a White & Case partner and a long-time friend of the Jessup Competition Maya Melnikas, Chief of the Rector’s Office of the MGIMO-University Artem Malgin, Pro-Rector of Research of the Moscow State Law Academy Igor Matskevich, as well as a partner of the Threefold Legal Advisors Marat Davletbaev. All speakers noted the special meaning that the Jessup Competition has for the Russian legal community and the stable progress of the teams presented in the Russian Rounds.

The Threefold Legal Advisors partner Marat Davletbaev pointed out in his speech the particular relevance of the problem considered in the Competition – the protection of rights of displaced persons, who are no longer under the protection of their state. He reminded everyone that, “In the 20th century the humankind has committed its most outrageous crimes against people who found themselves in a legal gap,” and that “it is the state that was made to serve the people, and not the people who were made to serve the state.”

The problems discussed at the Jessup Competition quite often overlap the mission of the Threefold Legal Advisors – to find the human dimension within the international and national legal system.

The Russian Round of the 2013 Competition took place with the administrative and financial support of White & Case and Threefold Legal Advisors. The Competition took place under the auspices of the Kutafin MSAL and the MGIMO-University. The Competition was also supported by the USA Embassy and the Canadian Embassy, Pericles ABLE Project, Vegas-Lex, Garant and ConsultantPlus.

The 2013 Competition is not finished – it will continue in Washington, DC, USA in early April. The best teams from over 150 countries will come together in the same city, within the same walls. The six teams that represent the Russian Federation will be among them, as well as their coaches and those of the Russian attorneys who will be able to make it to the International Rounds as judges. We wish every success to our teams and we wish the Jessup Cup a return trip to Moscow in April 2013!


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