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The deadline for submission of Memorials is 10 January 2014, 23.59 Moscow time.

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The 2014 Russian Rounds of the Jessup Competition will be held on 29 January – 2 February 2014 (Wednesday through Sunday).

The Opening Ceremony (29 January 2014) and the Preliminary and Advanced Rounds of the Competition (30 January – 1 February) are hosted by the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov (Ленинские горы, д. 1, стр. 13-14).

The Final Round of the Russian National Championship (2 February 2014) will be held at the Moscow State University of International Relations (пр. Вернадского, д. 76).

(1)        Russian Teams’ Participation in the World Jessup Championship in Washington, D.C.

45 teams from across Russia have registered to compete in the 2014 Russian National Rounds of the Jessup Competition. For the past several years the Russian National Championship remains the largest national round in the world: the United States produces more teams (approximately 145), but they compete in regional rounds which are much smaller than the Russian National Championship.

5 top teams will represent Russia at the International Rounds in Washington, D.C.; no exhibition teams from Russia will be invited.

We are negotiating participation of the quarter-finalist Russian teams which do not advance to D.C. in the friendly rounds of the Jessup Baltic Cup, and will inform you later if the negotiations are successful.

According to the Jessup Official Rules, five teams, i. e. the four teams qualified for the semi-final rounds and the top quarter-finalist team which did not advance to the semi-final rounds are entitled to represent Russia at the World Jessup Championship in Washington, D.C. on 6-12 April 2014.

The first place team’s trip will be sponsored by a Competition partner. Other four top teams are themselves responsible for funding of their trip to the International Rounds.

As all of you have a chance to advance to the International Rounds, it is very important that each team member of each team has an international travel passport. The passport should be valid at least until 12 April 2014 (http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ru/ru-gen-faq.asp#2http://www.ustraveldocs.c...). The advancing teams will need to apply for a US visa using a standard procedure in the course of February 2014.

(2)        Team numbers and confidentiality of your city/university during the Competition

All the team contact persons shall have been informed of their assigned team numbers by now. If you have not received your team number yet, please do not hesitate to contact Olga Pryanichnikova at opryanichnikova@whitecase.com. Please keep in mind that the number will serve as your only team identification at all times during the Competition. You may not tell any Jessup judge what university or city you are from until the competition is over.

(3)        Preparation for the Competition 

The first and second sets of basic materials to help you research the 2014 Jessup case are available at http://www.ilsa.org/jessuphome/competition-materials and at http://www.threefold.ru/jessup_competition_2014. Those materials were chosen by the authors and organizers of the Competition. In no way should you limit your research by the Basic Materials; you should also do your own research.

ILSA provides all teams with access to a number of legal databases (such as LexisNexis and Westlaw). You are strongly recommended to use these resources extensively. If you encounter any problems with access to the databases, please contact us immediately. 

(4)        Memorials submission 

The deadline for submission of Memorials for all Russian teams is 10 January 2014, 23.59 Moscow time.

We urge all Jessup teams and particularly the Jessup newcomers to read the 2014 Jessup Official Rules and the 2014 Russian National Supplement to the Official Rules which are also available at http://www.whitecase.com/moscow-jessup/ and www.ilsa.org. Please note that the Official Rules contain detailed instructions concerning the format of the Memorials, as well as the Oral Pleadings procedures. Any violations may result in serious penalties for the team. You should make sure that you are aware of all the requirements and procedures. If you have any questions concerning the Official Rules, please do not hesitate to contact the Russian National Administrator.   

Each Team must submit its Applicant and Respondent Memorials to the ILSA Executive Office via its Team Homepage (available through http://www.ilsa.org) and send its Applicant and Respondent Memorials to the Russian National Administration at the following e-mail address: jessup@threefold.ru, no later than 23:59 Moscow time on 10 January 2014.

(5)        Affordable accommodation in Moscow

Following this link you will find information on the hotel and hostel accommodation in Moscow that we have prepared for Jessup teams. Please take care of making your accommodation reservations in Moscow as early as possible.

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