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  • Threefold Legal Advisors: Discussing the reform of the European Court of Human Rights

    Maria Suchkova, a TLA partner, took part in the drafting of a statement concerning the reform of the European Court of Human Rights. It was issued by a number of human rights lawyers practising in Russia, as well as representatives of non-governmental organisations working closely with the Court. The recommendations made therein are aimed at increasing the efficiency of the European human rights protection mechanism, in particular, through better enforcement of the Court's judgements. The statement was distributed among the major participants of the reform process, including the Council of Europe authorities and the representatives of member States in the Committee of Ministers.

    The full text of the statement is available in English and Russian.

    An article (in Russian) explaining the content of the statement can be found here.

  • Moscow State University Jessup Team to become the 2012 Jessup World Champions

    The team of students from Moscow State University won the 2012 Jessup Cup in Washington, D.C. As part of the Russian National Administration and one of the sponsors of the Jessup Competition, Threefold greets Grigory Vaypan, Aleksandra Ivlieva, Elena Manasyan, Nataliya Sekretareva,and Olga Nasonova, the team members of the winning team.

    For the first time in history, a team from the Russian Federation becomes the World Cup Champion of the Jessup Competition.

    The win by Moscow State University is only the seventh time in the 53-year history of Jessup that a non-native English speaking team has won the competition. It is also the first victory in the Competition for the Russian Federation.

    Judges Joan Donoghue, Kenneth Keith and Hisashi Owada judged the Final Round on 31 March 2012 representing the first time in Jessup history that three judges from the International Court of Justice served on the Final Bench.

    Hermann Schmitt, the managing partner of the Moscow office of White & Case, Maria Issaeva, the Russian National Administrator of the Russian Competition, and Pavel Boulatov, a member of the Mari State Univerisity team (the Runner-Up of the Jessup Competition of 2003) met the team at one of the Moscow airports to appreciate their unprecedented success.